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Nescafe Ice Java - Fun In The Sunshine



Summertime has finally arrived in Buffalo, NY and the living is easy.  Or so they say…The snow is long gone from the Lake Erie shoreline and has been replaced by view of two-piece swimsuits walking on the sandy beach.  Cold beer and chips on the beach?  That may be O.K. if you are over 21 but under 30 years old.  The older folks like me quickly get fried by too much sunshine and too much cheap beer.  Sweet ice tea?  Maybe.  Ice-Cold soda?  Maybe. Nescafe Ice Java?  Most definitely!

Get a lift from the refreshing taste of cold coffee flavor over ice.  Sit in the shade and enjoy the antics of the Village People or the Beach People.  There is always something entertaining going on along the Lake Erie shoreline.  

Nescafe has given this conundrum a lot of thought.  You get both the Coffee House taste AND quality but without the lines, attitude, or the high prices. Cool down this Summer and enjoy the refreshing taste of iced coffee anytime, anywhere.  On a budget?  No problemo!  With a low cost per serving based on up to 20 servings of Nescafé Ice Java per 470ml bottle.  Whoa!  That’s almost the price of just ONE Coffee House ice coffee.  The most popular flavor is Cappuccino.  Lighter than a full bodied cup of coffee.

Nescafe Ice Java makes a refreshing iced coffee at home!  Just mix with milk or a soy beverage to produce a delicious iced coffee beverage.  Iced coffee has never been easier to make.  Simply mix Nescafe Ice Java coffee syrup with ice-cold fresh milk for a refreshing and great tasting iced coffee.  Become a backyard Barista - even the most novice entertainer can become the perfect host!  Make a variety of simple super-cool coffeehouse favorites with Nescafe Ice Java without reaching deep inside your wallet.

Want to make Iced Coffee?  It's simple - pour Ice Java into an ice cold glass of milk

Want to make a frozen Coffee Drink?  Just blend Nescafe Ice Java with milk & ice

Want to make a Coffee Shake?  Get a glass, find some milk and toss in some ice cream then add Nescafe Ice Java

How about a Coffee Sundae?  Just drizzle Nescafe Ice java over your favorite ice cream flavor

If you don’t want to play by The Rules - then go “low end” and don’t even buy this product.  Just brew up an extra strong pot of regular coffee, grab some cold milk, toss in some cheap chocolate syrup, pour it into a blender then whip it into a Frothy Frenzy!  I can almost guarantee that this concoction will NOT be as good as Nescafe Ice Java – but what the heck…when you are in a major economic recession, you have to save a buck or two whenever you can…Then so be it!  Plus you may be up all night from the caffeine so as you stare all night at your ceiling, now you can ponder why you didn’t buy some DEE-licious Nescafe Ice Java in the first place!  Trust me on this one…

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