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Blog - October 2013 survey

You Talk - We Listen


Our current visitor survey results from our sponge candy Home Page tells me that almost all of us (O.K. – perhaps just a third of us…) enjoy the end of a long and hot summer because of the new & exciting things that always show up in the Fall months.  Most likely it is due to the beginning of the NFL season and the potential for the Buffalo Bills to try once again to achieve a Division playoff berth.  Hey – you never know!  It also doesn't hurt that the Sabres are sharpening their skates for another run at the Stanly Cup.  After all, Buffalo is a S-P-O-R-T-S town...


But further analysis indicates that 28 percent of us are just happy to be able to put the lawn mower away and get ready to relax in front of our new Flat Screen T.V. for a few months of well deserved rest (a.ka. winter time...) from our household chores.

And just what would YOU do with all that extra time?  Well, some folks might prefer to have a Manhattan (or two...) on the weekends before dinner just to work up an appetite.  My choice?  A piece or two (or three…) of Sponge Candy.  This strategy works very well in Buffalo, NY – a delightful city in Western New York State where Sponge Candy is always plentiful.  It's always freshly made in this part of the world know as Western New York.  We always have a big selection of milk chocolate sponge candy, dark chocolate sponge candy – you can even choose orange flavored chocolate sponge candy if that is what you heart desires.

And now that cooler weather is descending upon us from our Neighbors to the North – those cool(er) breezes from Toronto motivate me even more to dig out my favorite candy dish while I start looking for the leaf rake.  Do I dare turn on the television on a Sunday afternoon and see how the Buffalo Bills are doing?


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