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Cadbury Gladstone Plant | Toronto, Ontario


Gladstone Cadbury Chocolate Factory

Do you have any idea what is located at:  277 Gladstone, Toronto, ON, M6S 3L9?  Perhaps it’s time to ask this question:  “…what would it be like for a serious Cadbury chocolate fan to buy a house on the same street as the Cadbury Gladstone factory…”  cadbury-gladstone-1.jpg

That’s about as good as Life can get when you really appreciate smooth, sweet milk chocolate products imported from Canada?  Imagine this - tempting rich mysterious chocolate aroma drifting up to the sky from air vents.  Visions of hot vats of  dark, rich creamy chocolate liquids soon to be molded (by magic machines no doubt…) into fragrant sweet eats.  No – you are NOT dreaming!  And don’t ask me to pinch you…

Cadbury’s Gladstone plant is located in a Toronto neighborhood known locally as Little Portugal.  This is definitely THE place to live.  No more trips to the local convenience store at midnight.

Trucks containing cocoa butter, milk, sugar, syrup and butter oil unload the ingredients needed to make us happy.  But with all of the hustle & bustle, the end result is that all of Cadbury’s Crispy Crunch, Neilson Jersey Milk, Cadbury Wunderbar, Cadbury Sweet Marie, Mr. Big and Caramilk products are made at this location.

It is reported that almost 400 happy people work here – any many more residents live in the in the neighborhood.   Think about this:  Cadbury Gladstone’s plant produces 500 million chocolate bars a year.  That’s almost one candy bar for each registered member of FaceBook.  Even Mark Zuckerberg would be overwhelmed!

The latest plant modification involves new machines, imported from Italy, that will be used produce more than 200 million cream eggs per year.  This expansion project will eliminate the need to import Cadbury chocolate eggs from England.  Looking forward to Easter 2011?  I know I am!

Chocolate robots are also used at many stages in the production process.  No more dipping of human hands and fingers into that warm and aromatic chocolate when The Boss is not looking!  Darn it!  I wonder if the robots also wear hairnets… cadbury-gladstone-2.jpg

Just a heads up - if you are in the Toronto Ontario metro area, Cadbury gives plant tours three days a week.  Perhaps it’s your turn to walk away with some Cadbury chocolate samples!  Life can be short – eat imported Canadian candy bars! 


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