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Canadian Candy

Canada candy lovers across America who still enjoy the taste of premium Canadian candy can now rejoice!  Buffalo Sponge Candy Store travels across the Border to Canada to bring back candy from Canada including Nestle, Nescafe and Mackintosh Toffee candy brands just for you...and you...and you...These are the most popular Canadian chocolate bars and Canadian candy brands we sell each day.

No need to worry about what's in your suitcase when the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol ask what you have to declare. No need to be nervous anymore. We take the "fuss & muss" out of the equation - we fill out the paperwork, pay the Harmonized Sales Tax in Ontario and those pesky bridge tolls. We make the trip and you get the treat - What's not to like? We want to be your favorite Canadian candy store!

If you are still trying to satisfy those cravings for those smooth and silky Canada candy bars or your favorite Canadian chocolate bars - look no further. View our extensive collection of Canadian candy bars - you are almost guaranteed to have one (or two...or more...) "chocolatey" memories. Let the Buffalo Sponge Candy Store be your favorite Canadian candy supplier!

Do you have a list of your favorite Canadian candies that are now hard to find? Are you still laying in bed at night staring up at the ceiling asking yourself: "...where can I get Canadian candy bars..." Personal favorites are just that - it's personal. We don't try to sell you anything - we leave it all up to you - it's all about personal preference and taste. You may have traveled to Canada during a vacation, perhaps you went to college, visited some friends or just drove across the U.S. Border.

And now, your favorite list of Canadian chocolate bars are now available from our store. Yes - there are subtle differences in chocolate flavors, possibly "secret" ingredients or just the look and feel of the outside wrapper. And don't be afraid of the label which has the weight in grams. You probably didn't take good notes during those Metric Math lessons in High School. Relax - just forget about "grams" and just enjoy the smooth taste of Canadian chocolate.

Looking for Canadian toffee?  They all taste good - but they taste even better when you pass them around. Order Canadian candy for family or friends! Why not bring a few to your next Monday morning staff meeting? Your Boss would approve!


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