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Thanks much. Oh, yes, we've had many a Wunderbar in this house. I'm from Canada (living in Michigan) and have to bring a box (or whatever I can find in large quantity) to my friend whenever I travel into Canada. It's his birthday in a week so I had to get him some... He will be excited.

The Big Turks are mine! I love them frozen.
Thank you very much for the prompt, personal, friendly service! I will be sure to come back to you for all of my confectionary needs!


Received my first order of 10 Coffee Crisp bars and want to say thank you for your super fast shipment. Think I ordered Friday and it was at my door Monday priority USPS. Just placed a 2nd order for Coffee Crisp along with some MacIntosh's toffee (another old Canadian favorite) and hope you can expedite shipment as fast since I'm taking them to my brother who now lives in Florida.  Hope you will be getting Crispy Crunch bars in stock soon. Thanks and keep up the speedy shipments.

Linda S.

Hi Karol!
In the old days (when I was a kid living in Vancouver) I could buy Macintosh Toffee in a box - it used to be with the candy bars in the store...just wondered what happened to that.


Thank you so much for your quick shipment and nice email, Karol! I will definitely recommend your company to friends. These are my boyfriend's FAVORITE candy bars and we can't find them anywhere here!  Good luck with your new business!


Just a quick note to let you know that the chocolates have arrived in Bermuda safe and sound.  Thanks again,

Richard K.

Hello again,

I am not originally from Canada, but my boyfriend did spend a few years of his life there...hence the love for Coffee Crisp candy bars!
By the way, my boyfriend left my house today JUST as the mailman dropped off his candy bars. Just in time for Valentine's Day! I pretended that I had the whole thing planned out exactly....Ha! Thanks again for getting them out to me so quickly!


Thanks for the email. Ever since my very first taste. CC [ Coffee Crisp ] has been my “fav” candy bar. Unfortunately, this order isn't for my enjoyment but for the enjoyment of a best friend who has a birthday coming up. Let's hope I manage to wrap them and get them to her without gobbling them up myself ;)

Can't wait to get them, their actually for a friend’s mom who used to live in Canada. I brought them as a surprise, she's hasn't had them since she was a kid. I will let you know when they arrive. Thanks so much for your help.
My husband is from B.C. and misses his childhood candies so glad to have found you!



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