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Discover Young & Smylie Black Licorice


Young & Smylie black licorice is tantalizing, delicious and incredibly close in taste to the traditional licorice which the Old American Licorice Company used to produce. Young and old alike will want to savor this soft, premium licorice.  The core ingredients ensure that this is one indulgence that you will not feel guilty about enjoying.

This company is one of the oldest candy companies throughout America and was established in 1845 as Young & Smylie.  The National Licorice Company was established in 1902, after merging with three smaller companies, which attracted a huge amount of interest.  The final transition for this licorice company occurred in 1977 when Hershey foods acquired the popular candy company.  young-smylie-black-licorice.jpg

The distinctive Young & Smylie black licorice is available in a resealable eight ounce bag.  However, most people will find that it difficult to simply close the bag.  So why not just treat yourself and enjoy the licorice flavor. Unlike other licorice styles, Y&S does not have a “strong” or overpowering licorice aroma.  Young and Smylie’s black licorice is soft with just a hint of a salty flavor.  Soft, sweet and just a hint of salt – Y&S is a unique treat!

The contrasting sweet and mild flavor is unusual, and you will soon feel the fennel kick, which is apparent after just a few pieces.  There are more than 15 different ingredients used to make the small pieces of Young & Smylie black licorice.  These include, licorice root extract, corn syrup and soybean oil, all of which contribute to a delicious snack.

The Hershey Company is incredibly proud of this product and even released a press release when they announced the introduction of the delicate black sweets. Described as “Sweets Fit For A King” - with mouth watering flavors and medicinal qualities you will love to eat.  The soft bite size licorice is made from licorice root extract, which makes it easy to chew.  The result?  A decadent treat between meals!

The outstanding quality of this product has not been altered over the years and by joining the Hershey Foods organization has only enhanced this premium product.  You can easily find these enjoyable licorice snacks throughout North America, however, the Internet has opened up a whole new world to consumers.  Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 – now it’s your turn to discover Young & Smylie licorice.

People today want “grown up” candy that reminds them of their childhood.  We think that the Young & Smylie black licorice is just perfect.  We import YOUNG & SMYLIE and other Canada candy brands brings you licorice so soft, so tantalizing, so grown-up that you’ll want to savor every nibble…Order it from the Buffalo Sponge Candy Store - but just remember to hide it from the kids!


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