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Red River Cereal

Red River Cereal is a hot cereal like no other. Red River Cereal is a porridge, or hot cereal, made of wheat, rye, and flax, produced in Canada, with some availability elsewhere. It was first created in 1924 in Manitoba.

The wheat and rye create a smooth porridge style breakfast cereal when cooked, the flax seeds will likely remain “crunchy” giving this cereal a unique texture.  Prepare it in your microwave, but you may prefer the Old School approach where you cook it on your stove where YOU get to decide when it’s done to perfection.

Flax grain has good nutrition and is becoming an increasingly important food in many diets around the World today. The flax in Red River breakfast cereal is what sets it apart from most other whole grain cereals.  While other grains contain only one type of fiber, flax provides the extra benefits of both soluble and insoluble fiber.

Red River breakfast cereal has a tasty, nutty flavor and is made of three whole grains - cracked spring wheat, cracked rye and whole flax.  Red River cereal is a product of Canada. It consists of wheat, rye, and flax; nothing else.  It tastes great with, or without, sugar. Get creative and add nuts, fruit, yogurt, bananas or anything else you would like.  A great way to start your day.


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