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Sponge Candy

The Holiday season is almost here - Time to stock up on chocolate sponge candy. Our most popular item is the one pound milk sponge candy box, but when you pass around the sponge candy - you quickly wish you had more! Order the two pound milk chocolate box if you are planning to host the Holiday dinner. Entertaining any important business clients? Buffalo Sponge Candy sells the best Chocolate Sponge Candy money can buy! A box of sponge candy always trumps a business card!

Our Premium Chocolate Sponge Candy from Buffalo, NY is often called by another name - some folks in the MidWest may call it Fairy Food or Angel Food candy, while others on the West Coast may call it "sea foam". Sponge Candy has been known to hide out under various other assumed names including: hokey pokey, puff candy, cinder toffee, sponge toffee, sea foam, honeycomb or honeycomb toffee.

Western New York Sponge Candy is made with a delicious chocolate coating (choose from milk chocolate, dark chocolate or orange flavored chocolate). Bite into a piece, then listen to the "squeaky" sounds from the light and airy foam texture. Chocolate that melts in your mouth! You probably can't stop at just one piece! Don't say we didn't warn you!

Our customers might toss them into a bowl of ice cream, or just pile them up on a candy dish or put them on a dessert table and stand back to see what happens. A great way to reward yourself after shoveling the driveway or celebrating with your favorite NFL team as they make their way into the playoffs. Who knows maybe some day you will tossing your bowl of chocolate Sponge Candy wildly into the air when the Buffalo Bills win the Super Bowl. Hey - Miracles do happen!

Quite a few of our customers order from www.BuffaloSpongeCandy.com after trying their own recipe for making homemade Sponge Candy recipe. You can certainly find plenty of sponge candy recipes on the Internet – but most sponge candy fanatics quickly realize how much of a sticky mess you actually make in the kitchen – and still not achieve consistent results without the proper (and expensive) commercial utensils.

We get plenty of emails with questions like: “…I’m trying to make sponge candy at home - how long does it need to cool…” Well - we can’t reveal all of our sponge candy tips & tricks – but we can certainly provide you with a consistently high quality sponge candy product that you will be proud to pass around the dinner table. Just tell your friends that YOU made it yourself - We won’t tell!

Order Premium Buffalo Sponge Candy and bite into a piece of Buffalo today !


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